Pathfinder TY-PURE 1kg


TY-Pure is based on a low-congener, non-diastatic active dried yeast producing minimal fusel oils, esters and other fermentation by-products, therefore minimizing contribution to flavour and aroma characteristics of the end product. TY-Pure is formulated with optimized nutrition for rapid and reliable fermentation of neutral flavour washes up to 14 % ABV from highly refined sugar substrates, but can be used with any fermentable sugar substrate to yield alcohol for use in a variety of applications.

TY-Pure contains a chemically defined nutrient complex optimized for neutral character alcohol base for beverage applications including FMB/CMB hard sodas and seltzers.

TY-Pure can also be used for distillation of spirit alcohol from a variety of substrates. The nutrient complex in TY-Pure contains all the essential macro and micro nutrients required for healthy fermentation, including nitrogen (urea-free source), phosphate, magnesium, B vitamins and trace minerals.

Pitch rate: 4g/L
Tempertaure tolerance: 20-37°C
Alcohol Tolerance: 14% ABV

Technical data sheet can be found here.



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