Kompactikleer 230C 25 kg

Consentrated Isinglass Solution

Varunummer: 104934

Kompactikleer 230C is a CONCENTRATED isinglass solution, that can be added directly to either to cask conditioned or brewery conditioned beers and is formulated to give very tightly packed sediments.


  • A traditional and natural product
  • Blended for use in both cask and brewery conditioned beers, where facilities for separate products are not available
  • Ensures very tightly compacted cask or tank bottoms

Kompactikleer is an isinglass, silica hydrogel blend which binds in haze potential protein the cask. Chill haze occurs when proteins and tannins form loose covalent bonds forcing them from solution into suspension. Cask beer often reached temperatures well below that at which they are served during storage and transport, and chill hazes readily occur.


The use of a Silica hydrogel, or PVPP can help prevent chill haze as these products bind to the dissolved protein or polyphenol removing them from the solution and thus lowering the potential for chill haze.


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