Alginex 1kg

For usage alonside isinglass

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Alginex is a viscous liquid formulation and is used to break protein and some yeast out of freshly fermented beer. This product is an auxiliary finings for use in conjunction with isinglass finings. In this concentrated form (should be diluted 1 in 288), this product has improved shelf life and reduces storage space.


  • Removes the protein that causes haze in beer
  • Improves filterability for bright beers
  • Reduces conditioning time
  • Leads to polished beers
  • Speeds up beer processing
  • Very concentrated, saving on storage space
  • Easily mixed into beer in fermentation vessel or cask
  • Long shelf life
  • Suitable for vegan-only beers

Auxiliary finings work with isinglass in cask conditioned beers. With many beers, the best clarity is achieved by using an isinglass finings product in combination with an auxiliary. Auxiliary finings can be added at one of several points: Into the fermentation vessel; into the beer main feeding the rack-ing heads or into the cask before filled.

Using the product
How to dilute the product
Alginex must be diluted with water before use, to make a ready for use solution.
Take 1 part Alginex, add 287 parts water and mix thoroughly. The water does not have to be deionised and should be at a temperature of between 5°C and 18°C, preferably between 10°C and 15°C. This ready for use solution can be stored in a closed vessel before use, enabling batches to be made up to cover several rackings over a period of time.
How much of the product to add
Most beers will require an addition of auxiliary finings at a rate between 100ml per hl to 500ml per hl. It is important to note that if auxiliary finings are being used with isinglass, it should be added first before the isinglass.
Where to add auxiliary finings
Auxiliary finings can be added at one of several points:
Into the fermentation vessel
The auxiliary can be added to the fermentation vessel either through the CIP sprayball at the top of the tank or pumped through the outlet valve of the bottom of the tank. The addition should be made at the end of fermentation, just as the vessel goes onto chill. The residue fermentation and convec-tion currents on cooling are sufficient to mix the product.
Into the beer main feeding the racking heads
This method can be combined with proportional metering to ensure the correct rate of addition. The auxiliary is added first followed by the isinglass finings if required.

This product is a hazardous material, therefore an additional delivery surcharge will be added to the order.


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