Brew Body - Maltodextrin, 25 kg

Varunummer: 104812

This product is a purified spraydried maltodextrin obtained by hydrolysis of starch (contains gluten). The botanical origin is wheat. It is a granulated powder with a white to light yellow colour, a moderate sweet taste and typical odour. This product complies to the Food Chemical Codex and to the European and U.S. Pharmacopeia monographs on Maltodextrin.


Maltodextrin increases the body of your beer without making it stronger. Contains non-fermentable sugars.

Dosage: 25g/L

Contains Gluten. 


Shelf Life:

Total Product Shelf Life in unopened packaging is 24 months after production date. It is printed as "Best before date" on the packaging. Store in a clean and dry environment, away from odorous materials, at <60% relative humidity and 20°C.



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