Crisp Torrefied Wheat 1000 kg Pall

3-5 EBC / 1-2 Lovibond


In order to assist in the production of the widest range of beer types Crisp Malting Group offers a range of non-malted brewing cereals. Torrefied Wheat consists of grains of soft wheat varieties that have been cooked at high temperature resulting in gelatinisation of the starchy endosperm.

Addition of Torrefied Wheat will promote head retention and add body to the finished beer. Torrefied Wheat which does not require milling before being added to the mash. This product is fresh-smelling with no signs of scorching and free from any extraneous material. It should be stored in cool, dry conditions.


Malt Specification
Parameter Unit Min Max
Moisture % 10,0
Extract % 81,9
Color EBC   2,8 5
Foreign matter Nil




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