Lallemand Farmhouse 500g

Dry yeast for beer brewing


Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) 500 gram

LalBrew® Farmhouse is a fantastic result of the research and development work of Renaissance Yeast in Vancouver, Canada.
This non-diastatic hybrid strain was selected to make saison and farmhouse style ales. 
The research team used classical and non-GMO methods to remove the STA1 gene, responsible for the diastatic activity normally found in Saison yeasts. The strain has retained its ability to utilize normal brewing sugars to produce dry saisons as expected.
Additionally, the strain have a ability to not produce sulfuros off-flavors which enhances the nice aroma characteristics of the saison yeast.
This strain is also very alcohol tolerant, therfore giving the brewer som excellent possibilities.

•Attenuation: High
•Flocculation: Low
•Temperature range: 20 - 30°C (68 - 86°F)
•Alcohol Tolerance: 13% ABV
•Pitching rate : 50-100g/hl to achieve a minimum of 1 - 2 million cells/mL

Pitching recommendations from Lallemand:
Rehydration and direct pitching of dry yeast into wort are both acceptable methods for inoculating fermentation. Rehydration of Lallemand Brewing yeast in sterile water prior to pitching into wort has been shown to reduce stress on the cell as it transitions from dry to liquid form. However, for most fermentations, this stress is not signicant enough to aect fermentation performance and flavor, so good results will also be achieved when direct pitching dry yeast into wort. Use of a rehydration nutrient such as Go-Ferm Protect Evolution has been shown to improve fermentation performance for dicult fermentations. Measure the yeast by weight within the recommended pitch rate range.



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