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Lallemand Windsor 500g

British-Style Ale Yeast

Varunummer: 106376

Lalbrew Windsor is a classic English yeast strain that produced a balanced fruity aroma and impart a slight fresh yeast flavor. Will produce a full-bodied and fruity English ale. Windsor can be used in a relatively large range of beer styles, from English Bitter to US Pale ales to Porter and stouts with moderate alcohol levels.

Classified as a Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a top fermenting yeast.
Typical Analysis of LalBrew® Windsor Yeast:
Percent solids  93% – 97%
Living Yeast Cells  = 5 x 109 per gram of dry yeast
Wild Yeast  < 1 per 106 yeast cells
Bacteria  < 1 per 106 yeast cells
Finished product is released to the market only after passing a rigorous series of tests
*According to the ASBC and EBC methods of analysis



Jästtyp Ale jäst
Passar till
  • Amerikanska Ales
  • Engelska Ales
  • Porter/Stout
Producent Lallemand
Vikt 500 g

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