Lallemand OPTI-MUM WHITE 1 kg

For aromatic intensity and longevity

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OptiMUM-White is a new, specific natural yeast derivative rich in antioxidant properties (glutathione) and polysaccharides.
Specific inactivated yeast rich in glutathione (GSH rich SIY) were developed for the protection of the quality of white and rosé wines against oxidation phenomena responsible for colour browning and loss of aromas.

This innovation was first introduced by Lallemand (Patent N°WO/2005/080543) in 2003. Since then, our knowledge and experience has been enriched by several trials under various vintage conditions. More recently the production process of these GSH-rich SIY was optimized by Lallemand in order to improve the TRUE glutathione content and as a result Lallemand has replaced OptiWhite with OptiMUM-White. OptiMUM-white has nearly double the TRUE glutathione level when compared to its predecessor OptiWhite.

• Added to the juice at the beginning of alcoholic fermentation, the unique properties of OptiMUM-White protect against oxidation.
• In terms of aromatic quality, the wine better expresses and preserves the thiols and esters after one year of bottle aging.
• Contributes to and enhances wine complexity and has a smoothing effect to bring more roundness to the wine.





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