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Crisp Toasted Malted Oats 25kg hel

Varunummer: 106716

Crisp Toasted malted oats is toasted carefully at Crisp Maltings special "low energy continous flow malt roasting tower" in the UK. By toasting the malted oats this product reveals a beautifully smooth palate, with aromas of flapjack and roasted hazelnuts.

Combining the body and haze potential of the oat malt, with this toasted flavour profile, will make it a great addition to many hazy IPAs.
This product can also be used to enhance body and mouthfeel in stouts, porters and brown ales.

It has no diastatic power and should only be used up to 15% of the grist.


Malt Specification
Parameter Unit Min Max
Moisture %   1,4
Extract %    74
Color EBC   8
Total Nitrogen %    2,5
Soluble Nitrogen Ratio %    
Diastatic Power °WK    





Land England
Producent Crisp Malting Group
Vikt 25 kg (säck)

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