Crisp Extra Pale Malt 1000kg

Extra Pale Malt 2,5-3,5 EBC

Varunummer: 105974

Crisp have developed a low colour Extra Pale Malt for low colour beers such as lager, blondes and pale ales.
Made from the same barley as Crisp Best Ale Malt you can be assured it is Norfolk born and bred.

It is perfectly suited to the traditional UK brweing style where a single strike temperature is used as the malt has a moderate to high level of modification which gives excellent extract, flavor and run-off.

Us it at 100% for lagers and pale ales, or mix in some specialty malts for just about any hop driven beer style.


Malt Specification
Parameter Unit Min Max
Moisture %   4,5
Extract % 82,0   
Color EBC   2,8 4,0   
Total Nitrogen % 8,8 10,3
Soluble Nitrogen Ratio % 43 48
Diastatic Power °WK 145  





Producent Crisp Malting Group
Vikt 1000 kg (pall)

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