Crisp Extra Pale M.O Malt 1000 kg Pall

3 - 4 EBC


Maris Otter® has been grown for malting for more than 45 years and its pedigree and track record of delivering, year after year, consistent, processable and flavoursome malt is unsurpassed. Crisp Malting Group have developed a low colour (extra pale) Maris Otter® malt. This was originally developed for lower colour beer production in traditional breweries where a higher level of modification is demanded for both efficient extract delivery and good brewhouse performance when using isothermal mashing. This malt is typified by moderate nitrogen/protein content, a moderate to high level of modification with flavours and colour suited to the brewing of lagers and other pale beers such as golden ales.



Malt Specification
Parameter Unit Min Max
Moisture % 4,5
Extract % 81,5
Color EBC   3 4
Total Nitrogen % 8,8 10,0
Soluble Nitrogen Ratio % 43 43
Diastatic Power °WK 150





Producent Crisp Malting Group

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