Brewtools - Tillbehörspaket - 4 Ventiler

För Brewtools B40pro/B80pro/B150pro

Varunummer: 105901

Starter packer for a complete 4-valve setup.

The package includes our efficient counterflow cooler, three extra 3-way valves to make you able to choose if you return the cooled wort to the tank creating a whirlpool or pump directly to the fermenter, being able to bypass the counterflow cooler, and not having to disconnect valves during cleaning.

Our adjustable dip tube is included in this package for optimal control during pumping to fermenter. We also include a sight glass in this package.

A third sensor gives you exact measurements of the wort returning from cooling. The necessary fittings and accessories are also included.

Fittings for connecting a sparge water heater is not included.

Included in the package:

- 3 pcs 3-way ball valve, TC34mm DN15
- 1 pcs Dip tube, Adjustable, TC34mm
- 1 pcs Counterflow Cooler, Pro
- 1 pcs TC34mm sight glass
- 3 meter Silicone Tube 16x25mm, clear
- 4 pcs TC Gasket, 34mm, DN15, 5-pack
- 2 pcs TC34mm to 12mm hose barb
- 1 pcs TC34mm to 19mm hose barb, sensor holder
- 6 pcs TC34mm to 19mm hose barb
- 1 pcs Temp. Sensor, inline, M10
- 12 pcs Tri Clamp, 34mm
- 1 pcs TSP, 100g



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