Best Chit Malt 25 kg Säck

2-3 EBC

Varunummer: 105844

BEST Chit Malt is used occasionally or consistently in the mashing process, making it unique among special malts. This barely dissolved barley malt is characterized by a very high level of high-molecular protein compared to a Pilsen malt, making it more suitable for compensating strongly dissolved malts and improving the foam. The malt has a particularly high level of inherent starter enzymes, which contribute significantly to improving the conversion of starch, thus increasing the yield. Thanks to its pale color, BEST Chit Malt does not add color to the beer. BEST Chit Malt complies with the purity guidelines of the German Reinheitsgebot.


Malt Specifications
Specification Unit Minimum Maximum
Moisture content % 4,9
Extract fine grind, dry basis % 50,0
Fine-coarse difference EBC %
Viscosity (8,6%) mPa-s
Friability %
Glassiness %
Protein, dry basis % 12,0
Soluble nitrogen mg/100g Malz-Trs
Kolbach index % 34,0
Wort color (EBC) EBC 2,0 3,0
Wort color (L) L 1,2 1,6
Wort pH
Grading > 2,5mm %
Diastatic power WK 250





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