Best Special X Malt 800 kg pall

350 EBC / 131 Lovibond


BEST Special X® is a dark caramel malt that has been roasted only for a short time. As a result, it develops a very intensive, exceptional flavor profile. Adding max. 20% to the grain bill leads to a luminous, chestnut red to chestnut brown color in a 12°P beer. Even when used in smaller amounts, the malt is ideally suited to supporting the overall body of dark beers, giving them a more diverse and interesting taste. BEST Special X® is a fantastic malt variety that brewers looking for new ideas should take advantage of because of the diverse possibilities of this special malt. BEST Special X® complies with the purity guidelines of the German Reinheitsgebot.


Malt Specifications
Specification Unit Minimum Maximum
Moisture content % 4,5
Extract fine grind, dry basis % 75,0
Fine-coarse difference EBC %
Viscosity (8,6%) mPa-s
Friability %
Glassiness %
Protein, dry basis %
Soluble nitrogen mg/100g Malz-Trs
Kolbach index %
Wort color (EBC) EBC 300 400
Wort color (L) L 115 150
Wort pH 5,8
Grading > 2,5mm %
Diastatic power WK





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