Best Smoked Malt 25kg Säck

6 EBC / 2,8 Lovibond


BEST Smoked is prepared over beech wood from the Franconian Jura Mountains and gives the beer a characteristic flavor reminiscent of smoked ham and bonfires. The malt is ideally suited to making both beer and whisky. The intensity of the smoked flavor depends to a large extent on the amount of malt used. We recommend 10% of the grain bill for a first application, increasing it to up to 100% depending on your preference. However, you should take into account that the overall smoky flavor usually only unfolds once the beer has been fermented and stored. BEST Smoked complies with the purity guidelines of the German Reinheitsgebot.



Malt Specifications
Specification Unit Minimum Maximum
Moisture content % 5,5
Extract fine grind, dry basis % 77,0
Fine-coarse difference EBC % 2,5
Viscosity (8,6%) mPa-s
Friability %
Glassiness %
Protein, dry basis % 9,5 13,0
Soluble nitrogen mg/100g Malz-Trs
Kolbach index %
Wort color (EBC) EBC 3,0 8,0
Wort color (L) L 1,6 3,5
Wort pH 5,6 6,1
Grading > 2,5mm %
Diastatic power WK 250





Passar till
  • Amerikanska Ales
  • Engelska Ales
  • Belgisk öl
  • IPA
  • Pilsner/lager
  • Porter/Stout
  • Farmhouse Ales
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