Best Caramel Pils Malt 25kg Säck

5 EBC / 2.4 Lovibond

Varunummer: 101520
25 kg (säck)
25 kg (säck)

BEST Caramel® Pils is the palest of all BEST Caramel® malts. It is therefore especially suited to giving the beer more mouth feel without intensifying its color. BEST Caramel® Pils produces a sweet flavor in the beer that is reminiscent of honey, as the sugar-like caramel compounds contained in the malt can no longer be fermented by the yeast. Likewise, these products can lead to an improvement in the foam and greater flavor stability. BEST Caramel® Pils complies with the purity guidelines of the German Reinheitsgebot. BEST Caramel® Pils is also available in organic quality.


Malt Specifications
Specification Unit Minimum Maximum
Moisture content % 4,5
Extract fine grind, dry basis % 75,0
Fine-coarse difference EBC %
Viscosity (8,6%) mPa-s
Friability %
Glassiness %
Protein, dry basis % 12,0
Soluble nitrogen mg/100g Malz-Trs
Kolbach index %
Wort color (EBC) EBC 3,0 7,0
Wort color (L) L 1,6 3,1
Wort pH 5,0 5,8
Grading > 2,5mm %
Diastatic power WK





Land Tyskland
Producent Bestmalz
Vikt 25 kg (säck)

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