INCOGNITO® Citra 2kg

35-55% aa (w/w HPLC)



Making it easier than ever to brew hop-forward beers.

The love of hop forward beers is driving brewers to use more hops than ever before.
The more pellets you use, the more beer you lose in the process.
INCOGNITO from Barth-HAAS is a 100% all-natural hop flavor product specifically designed to be used in the whirlpool. Delivers highly concentraded variety-specific flavor while maximizing brewing efficiency and reducing process (trub) loss.

  • 100% Hops, zero vegetative material
  • Variety specific, True to type
  • Plays well with pellets and whole hops
  • Flowable at ambient temperature
  • Reduced shipping and storage costs
  • Less clean up and less waste!

Generally a 1:6 replacement ratio. 
As a guidline, dosing of Incognito is recommnended at 50-200g/hL Incognito in whirpool (59-235g/bbl)

    Introduction of INCOGNITO:




    Producent Barth Haas

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